Make better arrangements for everyone.

  • Great software that makes life better - At Tracku App Team, We believe that good software can transform people's lives by helping them get better at what they do and by helping them experience more of what they enjoy to experience. That's why we made Tracku, a group GPS tracking software in the hope that it will make your life filled with more joy by reaching out and connecting to your friends and family.

  • Easy to make arrangements for everyone - Tracku allows you to share map locations with your friends, so no more hassles telling them where to meet up: just create a pin on map and share!

  • Google Maps Search for everything - Integrated Google Maps search means you can search anything directly within Tracku. And better yet, make any of the search results into Shared Pins so your friends can find the place as well!

  • Fast setup - Tracku is a breeze to setup so you and your friends can start using it in seconds. No registration nor sign in is ever needed.

  • Track as your friend goes - Tracku provides real time GPS tracking as well as super efficient background tracking (able to turn off) so that you can stay constantly aware where all the friends are.

  • Highly effective privacy control - Tracku ensures that your location is only shared with your trusted friends. Plus it is super easy to even block some of your friends from seeing your location.

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